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The Leading Lights of Canada's Cryptocurrency Movement

We are a group of Canadian crypto pioneers who, like stars bound together by gravity, have come together as today’s Blowfish collaborators. We know that blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies will drive the next wave of financial innovation.


To be an industry leader as a multi-purpose blockchain company, delivering the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies to its shareholders.

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To become a global leader and innovator combining cutting-edge technology and dynamic risk management to deliver substantial returns to investors.

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We intend to bridge traditional finance and the emerging blockchain/cryptocurrency industry.

What Are We Doing

Creating Outsized, Asymmetric Returns

Using deep machine learning and artificial intelligence to radically enhance competitive advantage

Optimizing Digital Assets

Creating sharp value propositions, employing dynamic risk-management to optimize holdings in trading, investments and mining.

Offering Sophisticated Asset Tokenization

Moving real world assets into blockchains, positioned to develop decentralized exchanges to meet growing customer needs.

Next-Gen Era is Crypto

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Billions in value are now being transferred daily without financial intermediaries.

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Less than 1% of the global population owns cryptos but potential demand runs into billions.

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3.8 billion people have access to the internet and 5 billion people with bank accounts stand to benefit from frictionless transactions in global payments.

Increasing Demand

In December 2017, three of the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges stopped onboarding new users for several weeks as large volumes and new registrations led to outages and trading halts. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Hong Kong-based Binance adds a couple of million new registrants every week, with as many as 240,000 signing up in just one hour in January 2018, while dealing with as much as US$9.5 billion in daily volumes.

Today's Investment Challenges

Centralized exchanges remain vulnerable to massive breaches of security, hacking, unsafe storage of funds, information and private keys. They face downtime in unusual liquidity or blockchain events such as a hard fork and are highly susceptible to regulatory risk.

They take custody of user funds, have high liquidity and trading costs and face potential performance issues such as hardware failures, manipulation, latency issues and delays that emerge from dealing with peak volumes.

Bitcoin dominates all new capital investment into blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A rapidly evolving ecosystem, fragmented markets and seismic shifts in volatility create difficult conditions for profitability.

Blowfish Solutions

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Identify cryptocurrencies offering asymmetric returns

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Move away from the existing focus on management’s execution abilities

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Diversify into a portfolio of promising altcoins with exponential growth backed by solid ground-up research

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Stay geographically distributed, mining physically and on the cloud

Multiple cryptos

Decentralized exchanges (DEXes) ​​

DEXes build peer-to-peer, trustless marketplaces directly on the blockchain. Users control their own funds and assets and stay anonymous, preserving security and privacy. There is no central server, they enable real-time payments anywhere in the world.

Friction in the process is reduced since there is no requirement to sign up or register. Without a single point of failure, and by leveraging the power of blockchain technology, decentralized exchanges enable safer and more transparent trading.

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